May 28, 2024
If the feathered flying insects fall on towel s, bath towels, toothbrushes

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Of course, as an amateur who has been on the school team, it is most appropriate for boys to swim in swimming trunks. I first learned to swim in the late 1990s, when swimming trunks were almost identical in domestic swimming pools (refer to sunny days for specific styles). Our team has changed one-piece swimsuits and five-cent swimming trunks, but after wearing it for a period of time, we found two problems: (1) it is not convenient to carry, especially the full-body swimsuit, which takes up a lot of space in the backpack. (2) for relatively long swimming training, you need to go ashore to have a rest. If you wear swimming trunks with a relatively large coverage area, the wet cloth will stick to the skin, which is very uncomfortable, and the temperature will cool down quickly. Unlike swimming trunks, just dry your body and put a towel on your body.

First keep the room temperature at 26: 28 ℃, and then prepare the things your baby will use when taking a bath, such as a basin of warm water, a clean wet towel, a bath towel and a change of clothes.

A few days ago, Quanzhou Chowen Primary School held a fire safety evacuation drill. The class teachers and head teachers led the students to cover their mouths and noses with wet towels and handkerchiefs and stooped to evacuate quickly and orderly to the safe area of the school playground along the evacuation route designated by the school. More than 1200 teachers and students in the school took 2 minutes to evacuate safely, and the whole process was smooth and orderly.

This is what we call the belly button. Once Shenque gets cold, the child will have diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems, and the spleen and stomach will also be damaged. Generally speaking, I would advise parents to put a thin towel on the belly or wrap it around the belly button for a week after their children fall asleep.

If the feathered flying insects fall on towels, bath towels, toothbrushes and other towels in the bathroom, or even fly out and land on food. In this way, bacteria and viruses will be brought to it. When the human body is in contact or eating, it is easy to be infected with diseases such as E. coli.

In addition, the teahouse reopened, and before the prevention and control of the epidemic was lifted, the number of people receiving should not exceed 50% of the number of seats in the business premises. Gymnasium, swimming pool, billiard room, foot bath, beauty salon, body salon, bath (shower service only) reopened. These business premises must do a good job in the cleaning, disinfection and cleaning of public goods such as public areas and towels, so as to achieve “one customer for one disinfection”. Cultural centers, libraries, museums, indoor and outdoor stadiums and stadiums have been reopened. Among them, the library (including 24-hour self-service library) only resumes the literature loan and return service for the time being, and does not accept reading or self-study in the library. The “negative list” management will continue to be implemented in cinemas, chess and card rooms, recreation halls (venues), Internet cafes, dance halls, KTV, bars, extracurricular training institutions (including early education), rural family banquet centers, activity rooms of geriatric associations, funeral parlors, cultural auditoriums, religious places and other places where people gather.